Making a dent in the universe: The journey of my company Mindorks

Making a dent in the universe: The journey of my company Mindorks
The time coupled with a path take us to some place in the future which is in someway a commitment that we make to ourselves.

My journey is tied to the story of Mindorks in the making. Mindorks though have been there in the desire when I and Amit Shekhar were in the final year of our IIT-BHU college. But it really became a burning desire after getting experience in the coding jobs. We realized that there is a huge mismatch between the aspirations, opportunity and the well-being of a developer, especially in the countries where a good job is considered a privilege.

There are a plethora of talents but the lack of good guidance and study materials for professional software development is in extreme deficiency. The existing way of learning through irrelevant contents geared towards rendering overwhelming information is dangerous both for the career and the long-term satisfaction for a developer. These need to be solved for the greater goods of the generations ahead. So, Mindorks hello world came on 27th January 2017. I and Amit ShekharCo-Founded this company. I always feel proud to put whenever I get a chance that Amit is ranked 1 as java developer in India by Git Awards.

I am writing this piece to share my extreme happiness that we have been able to put the right things in the right places within 6 months with a phenomenal success. A huge number of developers from all corners of the world have started to join hands with Mindorks in this transformation process. Many have acquired the basic to the most advanced Android knowledge and skills through our blogs. We have crossed 6000+ subscribers in this period.

I am glad to say that the Mindorks Community that we started to build 2 months back has now 500+ members. The Mindorks Community has ignited a culture of sharing, helping and updating the fellow members. Many of the community members have become good writers of the technical blog of our Mindorks Publication. So, the community operates with the motto “We grow together and no one is left behind”. A number of members have also got good jobs through Mindorks Community. The open source projects of Mindorks are being used by thousands of developers and companies. Many of these companies have millions of downloads.

If you want to join the Mindorks Community, then here is the link for it:

Now that I have put the reasons of my happiness, I would like to add some data to shed light on the progress.

Here is the graph for our traffic data. Clearly, Mindorks is becoming a prominent source of Android learning in a very short span.

Making a dent in the universe: The journey of my company Mindorks

Link to the data I have presented here:

Let’s see the prominent countries where Mindorks is getting recognized as a learning source. Evidently, Mindorks has started to become a global resource.

Making a dent in the universe: The journey of my company Mindorks

Now the interesting question is that how we are able to achieve such a phenomenal response irrespective of geographies. Are we spending tens of thousands of dollars to get such enormous traffic? The answer to this question is that we have spent zero money on any marketing till now. It’s making audience on its own because of the usefulness of the platform.

Making a dent in the universe: The journey of my company Mindorks

So, the road ahead is very promising. The next part of the journey is the Online Learner’s Platform where the professionally crafted courses and the team-based projects will be introduced, which is currently in the development phase. We are also going to bring workshops and meetups for the better real world experience. More information regarding our vision can be found on our website

I will end with a line which forms the core of our ideology: Learning is a journey, let’s learn together.

Thank you

Janishar Ali, Co-Founder, Mindorks