How To Become A Complete Android Developer

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A complete guide to become a complete Android Developer.

How to be an expert android developer?

First of all, I am not a complete Android Developer. But trying to become.

But I have met many great Android developers all around the world. I have learned a lot from them and tried to collect things that we should know to become a complete Android Developer.

Let’s see all those things required to become a complete Android Developer.

Build Build Build

This is very important so I told Build Build Build. Do not just read, build something on what you have read as only reading things will not help you. Have a small test project to try new things that you read. You have to build to become an expert Android developer.

There is no better way to learn something than by doing.

Always Be Updated

Always be updated with the new technology in Android. If you miss it, you simply miss it. The best way to be always updated is to join a community or follow some twitter accounts.

I post updates on Twitter about all the new things in Android. So follow me on twitter.

Follow Best Practices

You must know about the best practices that you should follow while Android App Development.

Read here.

Know about the Android Useful tools

As we all are fortunate to live in a world where everyone builds tools to help each other. These tools make development fast and our life easier. Do not forget to explore and use these tools.

Find all the tools here.

Read Others Code

This is the best thing a developer can do and learn coding in the best way. I personally feel that I have learned a lot from the code of open-source apps.

Find the list of open-source apps here.

Use the recommended Android architecture.

Learn about the Android application architecture.

Always maintain the code quality

Quality matters a lot. It’s not only about MVP/MVVM/MVC/etc., but also about each piece of code in each part of your app. Let your code reviewed by the good developers.

Know About The Code Quality Check Tools

There are many tools available to test the code quality.

Learn detecting and fixing memory leaks in android

Refer this link for the tutorial.

Learn RxJava

RxJava is a Java VM implementation of Reactive Extensions. It has become the single most important skill for Android development.

Just login here and learn RxJava.

Learn to use dependency injector.

Learn how to use dependency injector from here.And from here.

Learn Testing Of The Android Application

Learn from these links:

Android Testing Codelab.

Android Performance Testing Codelab.

Understand Bitmaps

As it takes a huge amount of memory, can lead to OOM easily. Users love content! Especially when the content is well formatted and looks nice. Images, for instance, are extremely nice content, mainly due to their property of conveying a thousand words per image. They also consume a lot of memory. A lot of memory! — Learn From Here.

Learn how the 3rd party libraries work

This is very important to know that how the 3rd party libraries work that we are using in our Android application.

Read: How The Android Image Loading Library Glide and Fresco Works?

And also learn to create a pub/sub library.

Understand Context

Learn from here.

Secure Your Android Application

Read about the security tips here to build a secure Android application.

Handle Memory Leaks In Android Application

In order to solve memory leaks in Android, first, you need to find where is the memory leaks, for finding use the LeakCanary.

Have Control Over Material Design

As a complete Android developer, you must have control on the material design aspect of the Android application. Refer here.

Reduce APK Size In Android

Read here how to reduce APK size in Android.

Know about the Android app performance metrics

We must know about what are the metrics that we should measure while the Android app development. This way we can keep track of the performance issue and fix it.

What gets measured gets improved.

Read here.

Write Blogs on Android Development

Read why we should write a blog.

Know Git Very Well

Check the most commonly used git tips and tricks here.

Contribute to open source projects

I love open source. It has really helped me a lot to improve myself. So, start contributing to open source.

Check out my open source projects here.

Know about Continuous Integration

Continuous integration ensures that your code is building on a server that is not your own machine. Use CI like Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis, etc.

Know How To Create Custom Tasks With Gradle Build Tool

Play with the build tool. Check here.

Learn Kotlin Language

Check out: A Complete Guide To Learn Kotlin For Android Development.

Last Step:

Bookmark this article to refer again and become an expert Android developer.

Happy Learning :)

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