Hello Android, Weekly Update 1

Weekly Updates on Android Technology for the developers by the developers.

Quote — Knowledge comes to those who crave for it.

Understanding Dagger 2’s Code Generation Implementation

Engineering stability in migrations: Moving to immutable collections inUber’s Android Apps

Introducing the Google Assistant SDK

Android Studio Productivity — Top 20 Shortcuts for Android Developers

Shared Element Transition with RecyclerView and Scenes

This article will cover how to show details layout with Shared Element Transition with Scene Framework!

Swipeable RecyclerView, easier than you think

Know how to create your own Swipeable RecyclerView today!

Evaluating Performance

How to write an awesome git commit message?


Matisse is a well-designed local image and video selector for Android


Litho is a declarative framework for building efficient UIs on Android.

Ultimate Android Reference

Ultimate Android Reference — Your Road to Become a Better Android Developer


Your personal guide to Software Engineering technical interviews.

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