Droid Flight: A MindOrks initiative to promote Android Learning

Droid Flight: A MindOrks initiative to promote Android Learning

Hello folks!

It has been more than three years since MindOrks started taking shape as a community for Tech learning. In these three years, we as a team, running MindOrks have done our best to promote Tech learning and we will continue to give our best in promoting Tech learning for everyone who wishes to learn and grow with us. We as a team believe that learning is a bilateral process where the one who teaches, learns from those who are learning too.

In the span of these three years, we became a community of more than 2 million developers and depending upon our learning regarding the requirements, we designed several programs and products like "MindOrks publications", "MindOrks open-source library", "Android courses for beginners", Android courses for professionals" etc.

The future in Android development is promising and we have realized that it is high time that skill-based quality Android learning should be promoted that leverages the convenience of remote learning, flexible learning, virtual workspaces, and virtual interaction to build an arena of productive learning for undergraduate students, irrespective of their branches, without hampering their college studies. Droid Flight is meant to be this arena.

Droid Flight is designed specifically for undergraduate Indian students in 3rd, 4th or 5th year of their studies, who know the basics of programming and wish to begin learning Android using our "learn by doing" approach where we will ask all the learners to compile all the learnings in the form of a basic android app by the end of this program. We will also provide career mentorship, job recommendations, and referrals depending upon the performance of learners.

By the end of the Program, a learner will be able to learn how to build an Android App and publish it on Google PlayStore. Our remarks on the certificates will depend on your overall performance during the program.

If you feel this program is for you then visit mindorks.com/droid-flight to submit your application. Make sure you read the eligibility criteria before applying. If you know someone who should apply for this program then it would be awesome if you share it with them.

Team MindOrks