Can’t trade coding for anything else

Can’t trade coding for anything else

I could still feel the physics and mathematics poured in my veins to make through one of the toughest exams in the world, IIT-JEE. It was my 1st year of college and bang come printf in C. It was all weird, confusing and appeared a language of aliens. Lecturers taught it like a parrot. I tried to use it to get the value of sin x and e^x and wrote my own program in a very shitty way. It was more or less a good feeling but never understood the beauty underneath it. It is like poems, which seem useless chunks of rhyming phrases, till you experience the life and realize the simplicity and powerful ways, those lines express about your own journey.

Three years passed and my structural engineering course was on. Till then I lost all interests in engineering. During that time something happened. I was involved in a structural analysis problem. I thought it would be very efficient if I could automate the calculations. So, I started to work on Visual Basic. With VB I made few window’s app and wrote code that converted my mathematics algorithm into computer language. To, tell you the truth I fell in love and it was the purest form of love.

I started to explore this love to understand why it is so beautiful. I took my C book again and read it line by line and as I read, it pumped love more and more. I started to write programs and solve problems. The night never appeared to be lonely. I was speaking with something that I even don’t know. During that time I envisioned a game with my dear friend Amit Shekhar. It was a board game and the pieces moved one step in either of four directions, killing and acquiring points of lower or same power pieces. We called it 300 war because if 300 points were reached the player was declared victorious. We started to design the game engine with the little knowledge we had about coding and technology. We stayed up most nights making the AI. I should tell you there is nothing so pumping than to see something getting intelligence and working with your written code.

We then converted the C game engine to Android app which we published on playstore. That was the time I come to know Java, OOP, and framework. It appeared as if I had learnt nothing. So, I started to learn them and as I was more into learning, everything else other than coding started to fade and become meaningless.

Now with decent experience in a bunch of programming languages and technology, I can say the code is a poem and we coder’s are the writers of few of the greatest poetries. One who starts to understand this will never love anything else.

We as coders don’t work for pay but we code because, when the code starts to work, it seems to be a person and give us the godly feeling of creation. We enjoy the thrill of night outs and long coding sessions because we are lost into the beauty of it. It’s like a chunk of mud that can be molded in any form, just with imagination. We as coders are not doing work for sustaining life but we do it because we are scholars in a true sense. No one would have written or studied the number of lines as compared to how much we read and write, and still find time to go to our buddy Playstation and be the god there too.

I can definitely say no coder can trade his coding for all the money, power and fame in the world. Because the code is too pretty and poetic.

Keep coding and keep being awesome!!