Android Interview Questions

Your Cheat Sheet For Android Interview Questions

First of all, I must say that I am a huge believer in the following.

Interview should be both-sided. It should be a discussion.

I am very fortunate to have the experience of taking interviews of many Android Developers. In the whole process, I have learned a lot and also cracked the interviews of top companies including startup and MNC.

Throughout the process, I have gathered all the android interview questions from the members of Mindorks Community, my friends, the internet, and the other sources. The cheat sheet is for both beginners and experienced developers. I am sure both beginners and experienced developers will get benefit from these android interview questions.

For this, I have created a page on GitHub which we will be updating on the regular basis.

Regular update is necessary as we all know how Android is continuously updating on daily basis. So, we also have to be updated.

The best way to be updated with the Android technology is to join a community as the community members will keep you updated with the Android latest technology.

Link to join Mindorks Community on Slack.

Another important thing is that this is the cheat sheet for the Android interview means most of the Android interview questions are covered in this. All the preparing resources for the Android interview should be at one place.

So, I have divided the content like these:

  • Data Structures And Algorithms
  • Core Java
  • Core Android
  • Architecture
  • Design Problem
  • Tools And Technologies
  • Android Test Driven Development
  • Others

Check here.

It has Android interview questions from basic to advanced. It also consists of the answers to the few questions. We will be adding answers to the more questions on our Mindorks website.

I hope my effort of creating this Android Cheat Sheet will help many Android Developers. One interview can change the life.

Happy Coding :)

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