Android Code Style And Guidelines

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I Amit Shekhar, writing this article to share my knowledge of Code Style and Guidelines.

By following standard coding style and guidelines, we can build a better android application.

If you follow a standard coding style in android, it will be easier for you and also for others to understand your code easily.

The following are the sources from where I learned the standard coding style and guidelines:

#1 . Coding Style For Contributors

From here you can learn the coding style that you should follow while contributing to android source code.

#2 . Project Guidelines

Here you will get to know about the file naming, parameter ordering in methods, class member ordering, etc.

#3 . Architecture Guidelines

Here you will get to know about the MVP pattern used in android development.

#4 . XML Naming Convention

Here you will learn how to name layout, drawable files.

#5 . Google Java Style Guide

Here you will get to learn about java coding style.

#6 . Android Development Best Practices

Here is my article about Android development best practices.


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